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We hosted the British Night Orienteering Championships 2014



24 August 2014 (Sunday) SEOUL urban race

Venue: Dorking


Final details

This event is part of the Southern England Orienteering Urban League (SEOUL)

[Updated 18 August 2014]

21 December 2014 (Sunday) South East Veterans, SuperVeterans and families competition

Venue: Pippingford Park

Details to follow

[Added 11 April 2014]


Mole Valley Orienteering Club covers parts of South London and Surrey and the River Mole lies at its heart. Our members cluster around the towns of Reigate, Epsom, Dorking, Sutton, Leatherhead and their surroundings. However we also have members that live further afield. 

Our official name is Mole Valley Map and Compass Foot Racing Society - we abbreviate to MV for easy reference!

We take the swallow as our symbol as it represents the swallow holes in the River Mole. These are holes in the river bed that mean the river disappears underground during dry periods. We also like to think that because swallows are fast and accurate navigators, they suit us well as an emblem. 


Congratulations to Ian Ditchfield for winning the annual MV Picnic event. Full results are here.

[Added 18 August 2014]

Results of our Summer Mole Night at Bookham on 7 August are now available.

[Added 8 August 2014]

GLOSS scores added to the results of the GLOSS event at Nonsuch Park on 13 July.

[Added 21 July 2014]

Results of our Park Race at Morden Park on 16 July are now available.

[Added 17 July 2014]

Results of our GLOSS event at Nonsuch Park on 13 July are now available.

[Added 13 July 2014]

Results of our event at Howard of Effingham school on 1 July are now available.

[Added 5 July 2014]

Results of our try orienteering event at the Nower on 15 June are now available.

[Added 16 June 2014]

Results of our summer Mole Night at Reigate on 15 May are now available.

[Added 16 May 2014]

Results of our seventh and final Winter Street O Series event at Leatherhead are now published along with the final league positions.

[Added 17 April 2014]

Results of our event at Balcombe on 6 April are now available - including Routegadget.

We have updated the results to rectify an error in time calculation regarding road crossings.

[Updated 8 April 2014]

Mole Valley won the Handicap class at the South East Relays. The victorious team is photographed below - left to right are the "Velvet Flyers" Tony Burton, David Fisher and Keith Masson.


Two other MV teams took part -
"Molingerers" (Tony Schofield, Simon Ling and Nigel Bush) and "Black Velvet". (Mike Eliott, Nicky Masson and Peter Martin).

The South East Relays were organised by SLOW. Full results at the SLOW website.

[Added 5 April 2014]

Results of our sixth Winter Street O Series event at Chessington are now published along with the latest league positions.

[Added 20 March 2014]


Mole Valley Orienteering Club

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