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Don't believe anything here unless you can confirm it, possibly by following the link to the organising club's web site. Even if you have confirmed it once, check again for last-minute changes before travelling. I'd appreciate an e-mail if you spot one of the errors. This calendar is only a selection, see the British Orienteering or World of O calendars for more choice.

British Orienteering have changed the event level terminology, as used in the fourth column of this list. Level A has become Major, Level B National, Level C Regional and Level D Local.

Saturday 23rd March 30 miles
Local SO at Parham Wood

Saturday 23rd March 60 miles
SAX at Blean Wood
Ranking Saturday 23rd March 300 miles
LOC “Lakes Spring” day 1 middle at Haverthwaite Heights
closing 24th March

closing date for JK individual events on 19th - 21st April (no EOD)
tell the captain if you would like to be in a Mole relay team on 22nd April
Ranking Sunday 24th March 30 miles
Regional DFOK at Balcombe Riverside
cancelledRanking Sunday 24th March cancelled Regional
NGOC at Parkend Walk cancelled - late and unreasonable withdrawal of access permission
Level_BRanking Sunday 24th March 300 miles
SROC “Lakes Spring” day 2 at Hampsfell
                      interestnight Tuesday 26th March 10 miles Local MV evening street score at Lower Morden
night Tuesday 26th March 15 miles
SLOW evening at Richmond Park
closing 27th March

closing date for BAOC Harris at Bordon on 3rd April
(EOD for non-Harris courses)

Wednesday 27th March 35 miles

BAOC at Longmoor
night Thursday 28th March 30 miles
SAX evening score at Knole Park
night Thursday 28th March 25 miles
CHIG evening street score at Stratford
closing 29th March

price date for Irish Championships on 3rd - 6th May
holiday 29th - 31th March 700 miles

Danish Spring at TisvildeDenmark
closing 30th March

online closing for SLOW SEOUL at Kingston on 7th April

Saturday 30th March 30 miles
SO at Rivers Wood

Saturday 30th March 50 miles
TVOC at Christmas Common
cancelledLevel_ARanking Saturday 30th March cancelled National
NGOC UKOL middle at Knockalls Inclosure cancelled - late and unreasonable withdrawal of access permission

31st March

clocks go forward: lose an hour's sleep
(clock change dates)
closing 31st March

online closing for NWO Regional at Savernake Forest on 7th April
closing 31st March

price date for World Masters in Latvia on 5th - 12th July
Ranking Sunday 31st March 60 miles
Regional SOS at Hockley Woods
cancelledLevel_ARanking Sunday 31st March cancelled Major BOK “Mike Nelson BOKTrot” Southern long Championships & UKOL at Churchill Inclosure & Cannop Ponds postponed - late and unreasonable withdrawal of access permission - now 1st December
night Tuesday 2nd April 30 miles
SO evening street score at Burgess Hill

Wednesday 3rd April 30 miles

BAOC Harris at Bordon Heaths (Harris optional, normal courses too)

Saturday 6th April 25 miles
DFOK score at Foots Cray Meadows

Saturday 6th April 30 miles
SN at Alice Holt

Saturday 6th April 40 miles
HH at Panshanger Park

Saturday 6th April 50 miles
SO at Abbots Wood
closing 7th April

online closing for Scottish Spring at Tentsmuir & Falkland on 13th & 14th April
closing 7th April

online closing for SARUM SEOUL at Tisbury on 14th April
Ranking Sunday 7th April 10 miles
SLOW SEOUL urban at Kingston
Ranking Sunday 7th April
70 miles
NWO at Savernake Forest
Ranking Sunday 7th April 80 miles
SMOC at Salcey Forest
closing 9th April

online closing for HAVOC Regional at Thorndon North on 14th April
night Tuesday 9th April 15 miles
SLOW evening street score at Norbiton
holiday 9th - 14th April 1200 miles

Riga O-week at RigaLatvia

Wednesday 10th April 90 miles

BAOC/SARUM at Warminster Camp

Saturday 13th April 40 miles
SO at Wepham Wood & Poling Copse

Saturday 13th April 100 miles
NGOC at Cleeve Hill

Saturday 13th April 400 miles
Scottish Spring event 1 middle at Tentsmuir South

Saturday 13th April 400 miles
Scottish Spring event 2 sprint at Falkland
Ranking Sunday 14th April 40 miles
HAVOC at Thorndon Country Park North
Ranking Sunday 14th April 90 miles
SARUM SEOUL urban at Tisbury
Ranking Sunday 14th April 150 miles
SWOC at Cwm Lickey

Sunday 14th April 300 miles

Kong Mini Mountain Marathon at Langale
Level_BRanking Sunday 14th April 400 miles
Scottish Spring event 3 at Falkland Estate
holiday 18th - 20th April 700 miles

Easter 3-Days at UlfborgDenmark
closing 19th April

closing date for Irish Championships on 3rd - 6th May
Level_ARanking Friday 19th April 25 miles
Major JK day 1 & UKOL sprint at Aldershot Garrison
TrailO Friday 19th April 25 miles
JK TempO at Aldershot Garrison
holiday 19th - 22nd April 500 miles

Easter 3-Days (+ prologue) at BelfortFrance
holiday 19th - 22nd April 1000 miles

Easter 4-Days at IzolaSlovenia
holiday 19th - 27th April 8000 miles

Australian Easter Carnival at PerthWestern Australia
closing 20th April

price date for 3 Days of Belgium on 8th - 10th June
Level_ARanking Saturday 20th April 20 miles
Major JK day 2 & UKOL middle at Old Windmill Hill
TrailORanking Saturday 20th April 20 miles
JK PreO at Mytchett
closing 21st April

online closing for MDOC urban at Birchwood on 28th April
closing 21st April

closing date for British Championships weekend in Yorkshire on 4th - 6th May (no EOD)
Level_ARanking Sunday 21st April 50 miles
Major JK day 3 & UKOL at Cold Ash
                      interestLevel_A Monday 22nd April 25 miles
Major JK day 4 relay at Minley
tell the captain if you would like to be in a Mole team

for events further in the future go to page 2

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