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Don't believe anything here unless you can confirm it, possibly by following the link to the organising club's web site. Even if you have confirmed it once, check again for last-minute changes before travelling. I'd appreciate an e-mail if you spot one of the errors. This calendar is only a selection, see the British Orienteering or World of O calendars for more choice.

British orienteering events began again in August. Expect compulsory pre-entry, entries closing early as numbers limits are reached, and possibly short-notice cancellations. Even more than usual, check with the organising club's website rather than believe what you read here. The larger events are particularly speculative.

I've started showing event entry opening dates where I discover them in advance, but often entries are already open before I find out - in which case there won't be an “opening” here. I'm still showing event closing dates where they are more than 24 hours before the event, but they may be irrelevant as events are selling out well in advance. And the usual disclaimer that I will miss some things still applies.

Most clubs also have a variety of formats of “any time” courses available (without pre-booking). Ours can be found here.

Civilian orienteers are no longer welcome in any numbers on land controlled by the DIO. This calendar in general shows only fully open events, so BAOC events limited to 30 civilians are omitted.

13th - 31st October 20 miles Activity LOK MapRun street at Fitzrovia
                      interest 20th - 26th October 5 miles Activity MV MapRun street at Ewell
closing 22nd October 21:00

entries open for Kent Night Cup at Maidenbower on 29th October

Saturday 24th October 40 miles
SO at Knowlands Wood
Cancelled 24th & 25th October Cancelled
Original Mountain Marathon at Argyll & Bute cancelled due to COVID-19

25th October

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(clock change dates)

Sunday 25th October 70 miles
SMOC middle at Stowe Park
overseas 26th - 31st October 2000 miles

Antalya O Festival at AntalyaTurkey
closing 26th October 18:00

entries open for SO at Rivers Wood on 7th November
closing 27th October

entries open for TVOC at Bradenham on 29th November
TrailO Tuesday 27th October online

TORUS Cup online TempO at LinkopingSweden
Cancelledoverseas 28th October - 1st November Cancelled
Istanbul 5-Days at IstanbulTurkey cancelled due to COVID-19
night Thursday 29th October 20 miles
SO evening street score at Maidenbower & Pound Hill
night Friday 30th October 40 miles
BADO evening urban at Beggarwood
CancelledLevel_A Saturday 31st October Cancelled National
SARUM November Classic Weekend day 1 UKOL & UKUL Salisbury City Race postponed until 6th November 2021 due to COVID-19
Cancelled Sunday 1st November Cancelled Regional
HAVOC at Belhus Woods Country Park cancelled due to COVID-19
CancelledLevel_A Sunday 1st November Cancelled National
SOC November Classic Weekend day 2 UKOL in the New Forest postponed until 7th November 2021 due to COVID-19

Sunday 1st November 100 miles
NGOC score at Chalford
closing 1st November

entries open for SLOW SE League at Winterfold on 22nd November
closing 5th November

entries open to non-NWO members for NWO score at Badbury on 15th November
night Thursday 5th November 40 miles
DFOK evening score at Whitehorse Wood
closing 5th November

closing date for HH at Stanborough on 7th November

Saturday 7th November 30 miles
SO at Rivers Wood

Saturday 7th November 40 miles
HH at Stanborough
CancelledoverseasTrailO 7th & 8th November Cancelled
Slovak TrailO weekend at SološnicaSlovakia cancelled due to COVID-19
CancelledMV interestLevel_B Sunday 8th November Cancelled National
SN “SN Trophy” SE League & SE long Championships at Hindhead & The Devil's Punchbowl cancelled due to COVID-19
closing 8th November

closing date for AIRE UKUL at Morley on 15th November

10th - 30th November 10 miles
SLOW MapRun street at Richmond
night Thursday 12th November 70 miles
SAX evening score at Perry Wood

Saturday 14th November 60 miles
BKO at Bucklebury Common
Cancelled Saturday 14th November Cancelled Regional
NGOC at Lightning Tree Hill cancelled due to COVID-19
night Saturday 14th November 35 miles

SO evening at Chailey Common South
Cancelled Sunday 15th November Cancelled Regional
CHIG at Broxbourne Woods cancelled due to COVID-19
Cancelled Sunday 15th November Cancelled Regional
BADO at Chawton Park Woods cancelled due to COVID-19

Sunday 15th November 70 miles
NWO score at Badbury Hill

Sunday 15th November 110 miles
BOK at Blaise Castle Estate

Sunday 15th November 200 miles
AIRE UKUL urban at Morley

price date for SLOW SE League at Winterfold on 22nd November
                      interest 17th - 23rd November 0 miles
MV MapRun street at Leatherhead
night Thursday 19th November 30 miles
SAX evening score

Saturday 21st November 50 miles
SAX at Angley Wood

Saturday 21st November 60 miles
WAOC at Therfield Heath
Cancelledoverseas 21st & 22nd November Cancelled
Nicosia City Race weekend at NicosiaCyprus postponed until 20th November 2021 due to COVID-19
                      interestLevel_B Sunday 22nd November 10 miles
SLOW “OK Nuts” SE League at Winterfold
Cancelled Sunday 22nd November Cancelled
Kong Mini Mountain Marathon in the Peak District cancelled due to COVID-19
closing 22nd November

closing date for TVOC at Bradenham on 29th November
night Thursday 26th November 50 miles
SAX evening urban score at Milton Creek & Sittingbourne
Cancelledoverseas TrailO 28th November - 5th December Cancelled
World TrailO Championships at Hong KongChina cancelled due to COVID-19
CancellednightLevel_A Saturday 28th November Cancelled National
BAOC Southern Night Championships UKOL at Long Valley North cancelled due to unreasonable land agent
CancelledLevel_A Sunday 29th November Cancelled National BKO Southern Championships UKOL at Long Valley North cancelled due to COVID-19

Sunday 29th November 40 miles
TVOC at Bradenham Woods

Sunday 29th November 60 miles
SOS at Danbury Park
closing 1st December

entries open for Lochaber Scottish 6-Days around Fort William on 1st - 7th August
night Tuesday 1st December 15 miles

SLOW evening at Wimbledon Common
night Thursday 3rd December 30 miles
DFOK evening score at Bexley & Foots Cray Meadows

Saturday 5th December 25 miles
DFOK at Shooters Hill Woodlands

Saturday 5th December 40 miles
HH at Verulamium
Cancelled Saturday 5th December
Cancelled Regional
BL UKUL urban at Carlisle postponed until 6th November 2021 due to COVID-19
                      interest Sunday 6th December 20 miles
Regional GO middle at Chobham North
closing 7th December

closing date for WIM Regional at Inside Park on 13th December

8th - 31st December
SLOW MapRun street
night Thursday 10th December 50 miles
SAX evening score at Angley Wood

for events further in the future go to page 2

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