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O EVENTS CALENDAR introduction

The Events Calendar is a page of links to fixture information, collected from various sources ranging from official to gossip. Events listed, especially those in the more distant future, may be nothing more than a provisional proposal, and the landowner of the venue may not yet have given permission, or even been approached. Don't believe anything unless you can confirm it, possibly by following the link to the organising club's website. Even if you have confirmed it once, check again for last-minute changes before travelling. I'd appreciate an e-mail if you spot one of the errors.

Details on the organising club's website can usually be found under ¨fixtures¨ or ¨events¨, but some smaller events may be under ¨training¨ or even ¨schools league¨.

This is a personal selection made by Ian Ditchfield. I may not be entirely consistent, but will normally include all events within an hour or so's drive of any part of Mole Valley, higher status events over a wider area, all of Britain's highest-level events, and even a few overseas events. The general idea is to include any open domestic event which an orienteer based in Mole Valley would be likely to attend, and a selection of foreign events. Some of the smaller and more local events may be training exercises with no formal timing.

Most events are open to all, but some clubs expect regular attendees at their smallest events to join them; any such restriction should be clear from the event details on the club web site. Closed events are usually excluded unless Mole Valley are involved. The exclusion of closed events even extends to important events for which you have to be selected to take part, for example the British Elite Championship or the Home Internationals. I assume that those eligible will know about them without looking here!

This is not an official fixtures list. If you are looking for such a document, try the Mole Valley home page for our own events, the South-East Association (SEOA) for other south-eastern events, or the British Orienteering Federation fixture list. A wider range of overseas events may be found on the ¨World of O¨ web site.

This list is also restricted to foot and trail orienteering events. If you are after mountain bike events, try the BMBO web site.

For most entries, clicking on the event level will take you to the entry in the British Orienteering fixtures list, clicking on the organising club's name will take you to their web site and clicking on the location name will take you to a location map. This map will be provided by Bing if you click at the left end of the location name, or Google if you click at the right end.

For domestic events, I try to make the map links point to the car park, but they may just indicate the general competition area. In any case, car parks are likely to change and there is no reason for event organisers to tell me when they do. Occasionally the map links are for a parking area (which may or may not be the right one) some distance from the competition area. For overseas events, the map links are normally the centre of the nearest town.

The distance quoted is the approximate road mileage from the River Mole at Leatherhead, except for events outside Europe for which it will be the approximate air mileage from a London airport.

Clicking on a closing date entry will take you to the main event entry. ¨Closing dates¨ vary in importance. They may be a date by which you must have paid the entry fee if you are to be allowed a run. At the other extreme, they may simply indicate that the organiser has asked people to e-mail their intention to turn up so that the map print run can be estimated. Usually you are still welcome to turn up unannounced on the day, see the organising club's web site to find out. Closing dates are shown for UK events if I happen to spot them in the event details, and for only a few overseas events (usually the ones I'm seriously considering going to myself).  I list the online closing dates, deadlines for postal entries may be earlier.

The following icons are used to help you pick out events:

                        interest event of particular importance to Mole Valley members, usually either organised by Mole Valley or featuring some form of inter-club competition
level A National Championship, UK Orienteering League event, or other event graded by British Orienteering as ¨Major¨
Level B event graded by British Orienteering as ¨National¨ (if not in the UK Orienteering League)
Ranking British Orienteering National Ranking event
night Night event
TrailO event contains TrailO, possibly only as an optional component of a mainly foot-O event
holiday Overseas event
(no icon)
all other events
closing on-line pre-entry closing date (not usually shown for overseas events, and don't rely on me not to miss some UK ones)
Tier 3Tier 4 event in English COVID-19 Tier 3 or Tier 4 area respectively

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